Together Apart


‘Souls in Motion’ Collection is about African Brotherhood.

A connectedness that transcends this world. One that resides in the spirit world.

Sonwabile and Azola Mhlonyane. Artists and Muses.


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Museum-quality, gicleé prints on archival paper, for a luxurious finish.

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About the artist

The Silent Story Project started in 2019 when Hayley Prior began collaborating with people looking for a creative outlet and a platform to showcase their art and their stories, through photography.
So moved and inspired by these collaborations, these creatives soon became known as ‘The Muse Community’.
Two of the original Muses; Sonwabile and Azola Mhlonyane aka ‘The Mhlonyane Brothers’, were the very first to partner with Hayley, are are very close to her heart. It was their work together that inspired the The African Interior and together they have created powerful artwork and collections in her home studio.
Sonwabile and Azola are multi-talented artists from Khayelitsha. Their art takes form as models, actors, musicians and dancers, and their creative vision tells stories of their ambitions and brotherhood.
“Art means everything to us. As artists we try by all means to show that when you are united, and in one heart, anything is possible. We use our arts to tell our stories: stories of unity, love, support and uplifting each other”

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