Mask from Ndang Tribe, Liberia


The dean gle mask represents an idealized version of Ndang beauty. It is characterized by narrow eyes, an oval shape, a smooth forehead, and a mouth slightly open to expose teeth. Dean gle’s functions are to teach, entertain and nurture.

The African Mask Collection is a celebration of masks, their makers, and wearers, from various African cultures across the continent. Masks act as a physical instrument that allows the wearer to open a dialogue between the community and the spirit world. Mask makers are given special status in a community, their art and its symbolism are often passed down from father to son for generations. Masks embody the ancient traditions of great African nations. They preserve the richness of Africa and its deep connection to her ancestors, who nurture and protect their people.


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Hayley Prior’s artistic fascination with all things natural and anthropological inspire her close-up study of the earth and its inhabitants. Her passion for collaboration and shared success is seen throughout her work on The African Interior.

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