No Act


When nobody is around and uuuuu don’t have to put up an act.

“Focused” is a small collection of only two pointillistic artworks, which use a ‘double-vision’ effect to hold the audience and asks us to look a little longer, in an attempt to focus. “In a sense, I think this collection can be interpreted as a reset to our short attention span as a modern society.”

“I am convinced that we are all become actors as soon as we step out the doors of our homes. The way we engage with people and carry ourselves changes. The only difference between us all, is to what degree are our acts change from one setting, or environment, to another. However, we cannot deny the truths and reality of who we are, when we are all alone. There is no one to pretend to. We cannot fool ourselves because we know our deepest fears, our darkest secrets and the things we prefer to be kept untold. I feel that not everyone is brave enough go face themselves and have an honest conversation, with themselves, about the hurtful, or dark truths, about themselves. That is why, as a result, we have people who distract themselves with substance abuse, or constantly partying. I just fail to understand. Why do we have to wait until our lives start crashing down, for us to face, and deal with our realities, our childhood traumas and uncomfortable truths.”

Limited Edition 1/150


Our prints are museum-quality, giclée prints on archival paper, for a high-quality finish. We work on a print-on-demand basis to best support our artists. Delivery within 14 days.

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About the artist

Karabo Dire is a visual artist from Soweto, Johannesburg who uses an experimental approach in creating art that reflects and expresses his thoughts in the contradictory visual reality of the area and environment he’s from. He primarily uses pointillism, (also known as ‘stippling’) to create his surreal artwork. “Each dot represents an individual of an unknown gender, race or background which are unified by the audience who immediately sees one complete image in the final artwork.”

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